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Look East for Great Films
LET'S CEE Film Festival 2019
29 March–7 April 2019 in Vienna
LET'S CEE Industry Days:
4-6 April 2019 in Vienna

LET'S CEE you soon again


The Winners of the 6th LET'S CEE Film Festival 2018. Have a look at the statements of the jury. >>>

LET'S CEE Winners 2018

At the award ceremony of the 6th LET’S CEE Film Festival, which took place on Friday night, the winners of separate ten categories were announced. Janez Burger’s social thriller from Slovenia won the newly created and prestigious Danny Lerner Award for Best Feature Film. >>>

VR Cinema in Vienna

Under the slogan Let’s Open Your Mind LET'S CEE presents a range of virtual reality films from all over the world in Vienna: at 4GAMECHANGERS Festival (18-20 April) and in the Village Cinema Wien Mitte. Admission is free, as well as for all the other short films projections at LET’S CEE Film Festival! >>>

Competition Promising Debuts

13 films will this year take part in the Promising Debuts competition curated by the festival directors. Among others Andrei Creţulescu’s black tragicomedy Charleston from Romania; Dede, a multinational production by Georgian director Mariam Khatchvani and Ederlezi Rising by Serbian newcomer-director Lazar Bodroža. >>>

The Retrospect 100 Years

100 Years, a retrospective curated by film publicist Andreas Ungerböck, presents film productions that discuss important historical events in CEE countries and/or count as milestones of their countries' cinematography since the end of World War I and the demise of the Habsburg empire in 1918. >>>

LET'S CEE Industry Days

The second forum and networking event made by LET'S CEE: twelve high-class presentations, two exciting panel discussions, a series of project pitches and much more: This will be the second edition of the LET'S CEE Industry Days from 19 to 21 April 2018 in Vienna. >>>

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Unlike before, this year two legendary protagonists of Central and Eastern European filmmaking scene, Kira Muratova and Márta Mészáros, will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award awarded by LET’S CEE Film Festival 2018.  >>>

Short Film Competition

The LET'S CEE curators Arash and Arman T. Riahi: "Visitors of the LET'S CEE Film Festival are united in one thing: they get to sit together in the cinema halls and watch this year’s Short Film Competition (on the topic "Together or Apart" with free admission!)." >>>

Documentary Competition

The LET'S CEE curator Rada Šešić: "I ended up selecting an even number of five female and five male filmmakers. Most of them are debut directors and all of them courageously engage with challenging and complex narratives." >>>

Feature Film Competition 2018

The LET'S CEE curator Michał Oleszczyk: "This competition reflects the many faces, avours, and joys to be found in a culturally rich region of the world. I am proud to be a part of it – and I invite you to visit it through the films you will find at LET’S CEE." >>>


The year 2018 brings with it many commemoration days, for instance the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. With the retrospective Women and WarLET’S CEE Film Festival presents a carefully composed selection of restored documentaries and feature films from the archive EFG1914 – including nine feature-length and short films. >>>


Already 162 films are in the programme for this year’s sixth edition of LET’S CEE, which will show productions from Central and Eastern Europe between the 13th and the 22nd of April. There will be 50 Austrian premieres in the four main competitions alone. What emerges is, once again, a festival of records. >>>


Despite the cut in the already small funding, LET’S CEE Film Festivals returns for the sixth time with around 155 productions so excellent and comprehensive as never before. A new item on the agenda is a VR Cinema with a selection of the current best Virtual Reality films worldwide – a true premiere for a film festival in Austria. >>>


In 2014, for 25-The Retrospective, each of numerous renowned international film critics* chose what they considered the best feature film produced in 25 CEE countries during the 25 years since the fall of the Iron Curtain, resulting in a list of 25 films presented at LET’S CEE in succeeding years.  >>>

LET'S CEE Austrian Days

Although LET'S CEE primarily focuses on productions from CEE, Austrian Days, which was successfully launched and implemented with the Academy of the Austrian Film in 2017, is taking place again this year. >>>


Even our youngest guests are in good hands at LET’S CEE. Apart from the School Cinema, the programme includes a great range of short animations for children from the age of four and a suspenseful mystery movie for kids – pure entertainment for the whole family! >>>

Accreditation 2018

From now until 6 April, correspondents from all media spheres as well as professional filmmakers, representatives of the film, TV, video and cinema industry and other film institutions, can apply for LET’S CEE accreditation.


The LET'S CEE School Cinema team arranged this year again an exciting and manifold programme for the School Cinema, presented from 16 to 20 April 2018 at Village Cinema Wien Mitte. >>>

East Silver Caravan

LET’S CEE brought a jointly curated selection of films to Vienna. 2018 will offer viewers the chance to once again watch important socio-political documentaries. >>>