06. May 2020

EU Youth Cinema 2020 #EUGreenDeal

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EU Youth Cinema 2020 #EUGreenDeal

"To prevent the climate catastrophe"

Together with the LET’S CEE Film Festival and the Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship, the European Commission's representation in Austria is inviting young people to visit their EU Youth Cinema free of charge starting in this week. The topic is the European Green Deal and covers three excellent documentaries as well as a series of discussions with experts to watch online – of course, adapted to the current situation.

In the utmost symbolic year 2020 – 25 years after Austria's accession to the European Union, 75 years after the end of the Second World War and 75 years after the founding of the United Nations – the EU Youth Cinema, initiated in the run-up to the 2019 European elections, will continue its course. The target group of the project is again all adolescents and young adults living in Austria; in one way or another the related offers are also accessible to all interested parties.

With its current edition, the EU Youth Cinema, which is intended to raise awareness of content relevant to developmental and socio-political issues, will make an important contribution to the appreciation and understanding of the Green Deal of the European Commission, which is aimed at a climate reversal in Europe, and the UN Action Plan Agenda 2030.

Anyone who thinks that the enormous costs the EU will face in the course of overcoming the Corona crisis would lead to delays in environmental protection efforts in Europe is far off. Martin Selmayr, Head of the European Commission Representation in Austria, puts it in a nutshell: "To get Europe's economy back on track, investments in the billions are required. These must flow into clean technologies, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solutions. Cleverly designed, the European reconstruction plan will benefit both: the economy and climate protection." Ulrike Lunacek, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sports, also sees Europe as being challenged: "We can only overcome the Corona crisis together, and we can only prevent this climate catastrophe together."

Other important partners and supporters on board with the EU Youth Cinema 2020 #EUGreenDeal include the Austrian Film Institute, the Collecting Society for Audiovisual Media – VAM and the Collecting Society of Filmmakers – VdFS.

Due to the current Corona pandemic, this year's project will be adapted accordingly and offered in the form of e-learning.

#EUGreenDeal Films

Three excellent European documentaries are shown dealing with the climate catastrophe and environmental protection. GUARDIANS OF THE EARTH by director Filip Antoni Malinowski is an electrifying political thriller about the revolutionary 2015 world climate conference in Paris. Who is a superhero and who is a villain, and what kind of people are they who decide the future of our planet? Questions like these will provide plenty of impetus for discussion even after watching the film. Finnish director Petteri Saario chose a different approach to the subject. With ACTIVIST, he filmed a modern Joan of Arc story about a brave young woman from Lapland who is fighting against an overpowering mining company. Finally, in the short film NATURE NOW by British director Tom Mustill, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg and journalist, author and political activist George Monbiot call for action to restore and financially secure the protection of natural ecosystems.

On a side note, the fact that there are two films in the film program with a clear connection to Sweden and Finland is no coincidence, but reminding us that these two countries joined the European Union 25 years ago together with Austria. Young people can stream the films for free online using a link, provided they are registered as groups of teachers or tutors at Of course, the participating teachers will be provided with extensive and carefully prepared teaching materials for preparation and follow-up for each film free of charge.

#EUGreenDeal Talks

Starting on May 8, online talks will take place in English or German on every Friday in May and June (between 10.00 a.m. and 11.30 a.m.). In addition to representatives of the European Commission, filmmakers, environmental experts and change makers are available to answer the young audience's questions. Participation is possible for all interested people without registration at

#EUGreenDeal Platform

The project, which is ideally suited for teaching in various subjects and school types, is accompanied by an informative platform with additional content such as statements, short films, trailers and presentations in German and English. This will be available at from May 5 until the end of the semester and will always be updated with new content at the beginning of the respective week. A visit is definitely worth it!


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