We are very happy to introduce our new project:

EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal, which is co-financed by the European Union, is a new and absolutely forward-looking idea dedicated to a sustainable Europe and presenting the corresponding goals of the European Union in a cinematic context.

More information about this project is available under Our future supporters and cooperation partners, interested in making a clearly visible contribution to a climate-neutral future together, are invited to contact us at

Eastern European Film Festival Network announced

EEFFN - Eastern European Film Festival Network brings together five film festivals dedicated to promoting and showcasing Eastern European cinema and one partner organisation, the EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal. >>>

Free Streaming during the EMW 2023

EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal – streaming program during the European Mobility Week. All films are available with subtitles and completely free! >>>

Save Energy - And Watch Green Films!

In celebration of the European Mobility Week, running under the theme 'Save Energy' this year, the EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal presents thematically appropriate films. Everyone can stream several films from the green program for free. >>>

Free Films for Everyone During EU Green Week

Under the patronage of EU Green Week, which takes place from June 3 to 11, 2023, film fans can look forward to excellent films produced and co-produced in Austria. Selected films will also be available free of charge to audiences worldwide this time. >>>

An Ambassador of Remembrance

Polish contemporary witness Stanisław Zalewski visited Austria on the occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps Mauthausen and Gusen. The coordination of the visit was the sole responsibility of LET'S CEE. >>>

Sally Perel. 1925 - 2023.

Obituary of the man who survived the Shoah as "Hitler Youth Salomon”. >>>

Roll the films for energy transition!

From October 18, the EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal is dedicated to the field of tension between energy and climate. Films and discussions in 21 cinemas in five countries will be accompanied by an attractive streaming offer. In addition to the European Union, the Austrian Ministry for Climate Protection is a supporter this year for the first time. >>>

Europe Day 2022: Meaningful films go around the world

With the new EU Youth Cinema: Green Deal, co-financed by the European Union and initiated by LET'S CEE Filmfestival, outstanding European films will be presented in the next two years to the youth.  >>>


The fourth edition of the EU Youth Cinema is dedicated to the topics of peace work and culture of remembrance. The film programme includes two Austrian premieres, and several Holocaust survivors will answer questions from the audience. Due to the pandemic, the film and discussion series will again take place online. >>>

Holocaust Remembrance Day

MAUTHAUSEN – TWO LIVES premiered in October 2020 at the Jewish Film Festival in Vienna. Within barely two weeks over 1,000 viewers already wanted to see the production on the big screen. Now the film is being shown via video-on-demand, to Austrian youngsters as well as to interested viewers in Austria and abroad. >>>


The LET’S CEE Film Festival is paused, but we remain active! As CEE FILMS, we will ... >>>

EU Youth Cinema 2020 #EUGreenDeal

Together with the LET’S CEE Film Festival and the Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship, the European Commission's representation in Austria is inviting young people to visit their EU Youth Cinema free of charge starting in this week. >>>

EU Youth Cinema #EUandME

The Representation of the European Commission in Austria, together with the LET’S CEE Film Festival, invites teens and young adults to a free visit to the cinema on 9 May. >>>

EU Youth Cinema: #EUandME

Ahead of the European elections the Representation of the European Commission in Austria and LET’S CEE Film Festival are inviting teenagers and young adults to the cinema. A number of screenings will precede the official start on Europe Day on 9 May. >>>

Our Statements

Vienna's City Councillor for Culture, Veronica Kaup-Hasler, attacked LET’S CEE Film Festival on 25 January 2019 during the radio programme Ö1 Kulturjournal. On 29 January she continued her critique via APA – Austria Press Agency. Have a look at our statetements.  >>>

Blatant Discrimination

The crisis of the Viennese film festival scene endures: the organisers of LET’S CEE have had to cancel this year’s edition of the festival and are criticizing the funding policy of the City of Vienna and Federal Chancellery. >>>