18. May 2012

Author‘s panel with Marcin Szczygielski

The Polish best-seller author Marcin Szczygielski presents at the LET'S CEE his novel Poczet Królowych Polskich – a comprehensive family epic and a thrilling murder mystery at the same time, based on the life of Ina Benita, a famous film star in the interwar period.

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15. May 2012


The LET’S CEE film symposium coordinator, Karolina Dabrowski, describes the idea of the event presented on the second festival's day under the full title I SEE YOU.DO YOU SEE ME? Identities on the Move. Continuities and Fractures.

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10. May 2012

To dive into the documentary scene

„The Art of Documentary film making has always been important in Europe, especially in the central and eastern parts" – tells Rada Šešić, curator of the documentary competition.

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10. May 2012

598 minutes of Feature Film Competition

„Be it a newcomer or an established film maker, each director in the competition stays true to both the respective film’s story as well as to his/her own vision of translating it onto the screen" – Mercedes Echerer presents the feature film competition, curated by her and the EU XXL Film-Team.

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08. May 2012

100 Years of Estonian Film

Tristan Priimägi, International Relations Manager of the Estonian Film Foundation, curates the Estonian Focus within the LET'S CEE Film Festival: „I hope you like our films in sadness and joy".

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03. May 2012

Music in no man‘s land

Nikolaj Grilc, lead vocalist of Roy de Roy and the LET'S CEE event coordinator describes the festival focus Music in no man‘s land between a nostalgic culture of remembrance and the process of coming to terms with the past with three music documentaries from the former Yugoslavia. 

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02. May 2012

A triumph of humanity

The Polish-German-Canadian production In Darkness will open the first LET'S CEE Film Festival. Head of jury Tomasz Raczek describes the Agnieszka Holland's newest film as „a triumph of humanity – a cinematic milestone".

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18. April 2012

The 1st of June is for the children

Nicole Csacsinovits, the curator of School Cinema and the coordinator of the LET‘S CEE Childrens Day, describes the children‘s programme during the festival week and looks back at the history of the International Childrens Day.

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16. April 2012

Intercultural Encounters at eye-level

The planners of school cinema do not only intend to show good films of educational value from Central and Eastern Europe, but also to contribute to encounters of different cultures at eye-level and – in so doing – promote interculturality and the living together of children with different mother tongues - explains the curator Nicole Csacsinovits.

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11. April 2012

Rough Paths to the Stars

„Like life, a photograph needs wisdom, experience... and great love." - Katja Finec-Kos, Press officer of the Maribor Photo Club about the photo exhibition Rough Paths to the Stars showing in the lounge of the Wiener Urania for two weeks from May 30th a selection of the finest works of the current members of the Photoclub Maribor.

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