17. May 2012

International Guests of LET’S CEE 2012

International Guests of the LET’S CEE Film Festivals 2012: 

  1. KIUR AARMA – producer of Disco And Atomic War
  2. ARMINE ANDA – screenwriter, producer and leading actress of Joan And The Voices
  3. SITORA ALIEVA – programme and art director of the film festival Kinotavr
  4. ASLI BAYRAM – leading actress in Sevdah for Karim and Body Complete
  5. KEREM CAN –leading actor in Zenne – Dancer
  6. MARC-DANIEL DICHANT – producer of In Darkness
  7. JASMIN DURAKOVIĆ – screenwriter and director of Sevdah for Karim
  8. ADAM DVOŘÁK – producer of Lidice
  9. AGNIESZKA HOLLAND – director of von In Darkness
  10. DOROTA KĘDZIERZAWSKA – director of Tomorrow Will Be Better
  11. SULEV KEEDUS – director of Georgica
  12. DRAGOMIR KERANOV – producer of My Mate Manchester United
  13. SAŠA LOŠIĆ – screenwriter of Orkestar, composer and musician
  14. ANAMARIA MARINCA – leading actress in Look, Stranger
  15. IGOR MIRKOVIĆ – director of Lucky Kid
  16. MARKO NABERŠNIK – director of Rooster‘s Breakfast
  17. LAILA PAKALNIŅA – director of 33 Animals Of Santa Claus
  18. TOMASZ RACZEK – film critic, journalist, publisher und TV presenter
  19. GORAN RADOVANOVIĆ – director of With Fidel Whatever Happens
  20. ARTUR REINHART – cinematographer and producer of Tomorrow Will Be Better
  21. SLAVA ROSS – director of Siberia, Monamour
  22. RADA ŠEŠIĆ – filmmaker, film critic and film lecturer
  23. MIHAELA SÎRBU – leading actress in Everybody In Our Family
  24. ÁGNES SÓS – director of The Invisible Strings
  25. WOJCIECH STAROŃ – director of Argentinian Lesson and Sibirian Lesson
  26. MAŁGORZATA STAROŃ – producer of Argentinian Lesson and Sibirian Lesson
  27. AUDRIUS STONYS – director of Ramin
  28. JAN SVĚRÁK – director of Kooky
  29. ZDENĚK SVĚRÁK – leading actor in Kooky
  30. MARCIN SZCZYGIELSKI – writer and journalist
  31. DUŠKA ZAGORAC – director of Patria Mia, Nomad Direction
  32. PJER ŽALICA – director of Orkestar

For interview requests and further queries please contact:

Mag. Wolfgang P. Schwelle
Festival Director and Head of Communications
LET’S CEE Film Festival

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