20. March 2017

Shorts made in Estonia

The Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival in Tallinn, Estonia, is one of only 15 A-list film festivals worldwide. On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the festival contributes to LET’S CEE with a selection of the past years’ best Estonian short films.

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What does daily life look like in a Christian institution where former prisoners find shelter? Even the pastor himself used to be in prison, the place where he found his way to God. He thus wants to share his faith with those trying to overcome crises they all were once confronted with.


Three pilots have to make an emergency landing in the desert. In an attempt to escape the sun, they start walking. Overpowered by hunger and thirst, they soon start hallucinating. Their reveries take an erotic turn. In no time, fantasy and reality begin to blur.


Since his accident, a violinist is bound to a wheelchair. He stopped playing his instrument, embittered because of his paralysis. When he hears a child crying in the stairwell, he overcomes his reluctance to play, and so as to comfort the child, he decides to spontaneously perform a concert.

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ELO (15 min.)

Little Elo thinks of kindergarten as a prison and the rules that are in place do not please her whatsoever. She therefore devises a plan to escape. One day, however, she falls head over heels in love with Helena, the new nursery school teacher. A humorous family film.

CULPRIT (18 min.)

Indrek, a discreet, calm boy, is a victim of bullying and violence at school. One day, a classmate talks him into a dangerous prank. As this leads to an accident, Indrek ends up being questioned by the police. Who is the culprit here and who is the victim?

FULL HOUSE (17 min.)

A keen postman carries out his duties in a huge building. He encounters many quirky contemporaries there, yet he is lonely. Elsewhere a woman is driving through an uninhabited area. When her car stops, she walks back to the town and runs into the postman.

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