Young Maria gives birth to little Ivan. No one comes to visit her at the hospital, no one congratulates her. On the contrary, as Maria is about to go through a series of traumatic events, starting with the father of her newborn, Rok, a married businessman with whom Mara is obsessively in love, has gone missing. She discovers that Rok is suspected of committing a crime, and is brutally beaten up by his wife’s henchmen, but the two still eventually find their way to each other. Whilst on the run, another drama unfolds before our eyes, as Rok forces Mara into a situation where she must make an impossible decision. But Mara has finally understood that this is the time where she must take her life – and that of her son’s – into her own hands. In a capturing performance, Maruša Majer portrays Mara, who takes a stand in a world where men, as corrupt and brutal as they may be, still call the shots. Janez Burger’s new film is a rough and dry social thriller with supercool shades which do not serve to flatter the corruption and “ideological hysteria” found today in the Slovenian society. The director thinks his diagnosis to be applicable not only to the ex-socialist Eastern European countries, but to the rest of Europe too.

Winner of the Feature Film Competition: Ivan

Original Title



Janez Burger


Feature film


Feature Film Competition, Winner


Croatia, Slovenia




Slovenian, Italian with Engl. sub.

Running time

95 min.


Sunday 22.04.

21:00 Artis International 3