Animations 4 Kids 2


Grandmother | Baba | BUL 2017 | 6 min. | No Dialogue | Roza Kolchagova Grandmother lives a happy, yet lonely life in her little country home, waiting for visits from her family. A moving film about the little things.


Koyaa: Wild Sunbed | Koyaa: Divji ležalnik | SLO 2017 | 3 min. | No Dialogue | Kolja Saksida Koyaa wants to relax on his sunbed, but the bed wants to be left in peace itself. To get rid of the uninvited guest, the bed will stop at nothing.


The House | Domek | CZE 2016 | 5 min. | No Dialogue | Veronika Zacharová A lonely house is roaming the streets in search for its former residents, who are struggling to get used to their new life in the modern city.


The Sled | Belchonok i sanki | RUS 2016 | 4 min. | No Dialogue | Olesya Shchukina On a winter’s day, a little squirrel finds a weird object in the snow. Sceptical at first, the squirrel soon learns to have fun with it.


Miriam’s Stray Dog | Miriami kodutu koer | EST 2015 | 5 min. | No Dialogue | Andres Tenusaar A stray dog watches a family build a snowman. The family takes it in until they discover why the dog is so smitten with the snowman after all.


A Wonderful Monster | Chudove chudovisko | UKR 2017 | 22 min. | No Dialogue | Serhii Melnichenko Sonia’s best friend is a pink monster called Chu. When Chu disappears, she goes searching for him in the forest and enters a magical world.

Animations 4 Kids 2


Family & School Cinema , Animations 4 Kids


Bulgaria, Estonia, Russia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine


No Dialogue


Saturday 14.04.

12:00 Urania Kino

Saturday 21.04.

11:00 Urania Kino