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Fruits of Clouds | Plody mraků | CZE 2017 | 10 min. | No Dialogue | Kateřina Karhánková A group of moles lives in the deep, dark woods. One day, one of them gathers the courage to leave, and makes a marvellous discovery in the outside world.


Waikiki | Vaikiki | LAT 2017 | 10 min. | No Dialogue | Māris Brinkmanis One rainy evening, a marzipan potato and a meringue-girl become friends. Together they go on journey through the confectionary.


Hee Hee Hatty: What's the Thudding? | Czapu Czipu: Co to tak pada? | POL 2016 | 6 min. | No Dialogue | Tomasz Głodek, Bogna Sroka-Mucha Little Hitty owns a shapeshifting hat named Hatty. In this episode, Hatty transforms into a cloud, which leads to very inconsistent weather.


Easygoing Teddy | Medo Trapavko | CRO 2017 | 8 min. | No Dialogue | Tomislav Gregl A little bear saves a bee’s life, who was in the middle of taking an afternoon nap. A life changing friendship starts to bloom between the odd couple.


Doll’s Letters | Pisma kulky | RUS 2016 | 6 min. | No Dialogue | Natalia Grofpel A little girl loses her favourite doll. To comfort the crying child, a dedicated postman makes up an unbelievable story.


Boxi: Beyond the Desk | Boxi: Az asztalon túl | HUN 2015 | 4 min. | No Dialogue | Árpád Koós A boy and his dog explore the universe together on their paper plane. All characters in this animated series can be made out of cardboard.

Animations 4 Kids 1


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Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary


No Dialogue


Saturday 14.04.

11:00 Urania Kino

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