MARY / Marija. CRO 2017 | 26 min. | Croatian with Engl. sub. | Juraj Primorac. Marinko sees the Virgin Mary everywhere he looks: in the blue sky, in broken glass, he even recognises her contours in the foam in the bathtub. He makes the mistake of telling his colleague about it who shares his secret with the entire towing service company. Now Marinko is the laughing stock.


RULES / Pravila. BUL 2017 | 20 min. | Bulgarian with Engl. sub. | Yassen Genadiev. Old caretaker Mikhail’s world is shaken up when a young couple moves into the apartment vis-à-vis. Having been obsessed with a strict set of rules until now, the widower meets young extrovert Evelin who, with her friendly smile, breathes new life into the neighbourhood and brings joy into Mikhail’s heart.


WILD BEASTS / Villdyr. NOR 2017 | 10 min. | Norwegian with Engl. sub. | Sverre Kvamme. A group of wild kids are on their way to puberty in the midst of a Norwegian winter filled with turbulent snowball fights, petty theft, swimming in icy cold lakes, kissing, and quarrelling. One of the boys’ impulses is driven by his affection towards his best friend.



Kurzfilme - Out Of Competition


Bulgaria, Croatia, Norway


Original version with Engl. sub.


Sunday 15.04.

15:30 Actors Studio 3

Thursday 19.04.

21:15 Actors Studio 3