ASHEN RIVER OF REMEMBRANCE / Kulay Abo ang Ilog ng Gunita. PHL 2017 | 15 min. | Tagalog with Engl. sub. | Ronaldo Vivo Jr. During the Spanish colonisation on the Philippines, homosexuality is considered the work of the devil who must be exorcised by religious leaders. A young girl has to choose between the traditions of her parental generation and her own feelings.


THE JOURNEY / Put. SRB 2016 | 30 min. | Serbian with Engl. sub. | Nebojša Miljković. Žarko and Jelena are both in a relationship – albeit not with each other. The lovers go on a trip that gets cut short. Soon they find themselves far away from their original destination and in the company of another couple in crisis. Žarko and Jelena realise they don’t differ from their acquaintances at all.


DEPARTURE. IRE 2017 | 10 min. | English | Aoífe Doyle. An Irish grandmother does not have enough money to spend Christmas with her family who have resettled in Australia and she, unfortunately, is forced to spend Christmas season all by herself. Or is she really? A mix-up makes things possible.



Kurzfilme - Out Of Competition


Ireland, Philippines, Serbia


Original version with Engl. sub.


Sunday 15.04.

17:00 Actors Studio 3

Monday 16.04.

15:30 Actors Studio 3