CHERRIES / Trešnje. CRO 2017 | 29 min. | Croatian with Engl. sub. | Dubravka Turić. A young boy, Jakov, reveals a secret in hope that it will keep his brother and his friend from leaving him in the village with his parents. The consequences are more serious than anticipated. Because of his guilt, he decides never to let out a secret again.


A PART / Místo. CZE 2017 | 19 min. | Czech with Engl. sub. | Tereza Vejvodová. Anna tries to get closer to her brother Filip as they embark on their trip. His extremely strange behaviour raises a lot of questions. The more she learns about him, the more her picture of their life together falls apart in pieces. The tension between the siblings rises. It's time to clarify things.


NOWNESS. EST 2017 | 9 min. | Estonian with Engl. sub. | Kristiina Tang. A young woman mourns her deceased grandfather. In the Estonian winter landscape, where she used to visit him, she is again that little girl, that was always near him.




Kurzfilme - Out Of Competition


Estonia, Croatia, Czech Republic


Original version with Engl. sub.


Friday 13.04.

15:30 Actors Studio 3

Wednesday 18.04.

15:30 Actors Studio 3