THE LIVING GO AHEAD / Zhivye idut dalshe. RUS 2017 | 9 min. | No Dialogue | Pavel Palekhin. After the October Revolution, the Soviet army arrives at the remote farm of an old married couple and confiscates all their food supplies. The farmer is pessimistic and takes his own life. His wife is about to do the same, but changes her mind last-minute.


CHUCKWALLA. GER/GRE 2017 | 23 min. | Greek with Engl. sub. | Korinna Krauss. One night, a man is awakened by the sound of stones being raked at the edge of his garden. He finds out that the house in which he and his girlfriend live has to give way to a street. Their protests are in vain, and the aggression against the construction workers soon paves the way for a melancholic sadness to set in.


SPRING, ORCHID. CHN 2017 | 20 min | Chinese, English with Engl. sub. | Hengqing Pan. Spring, Orchid is a romantic drama about first-generation Chinese immigrants. Hui Lan cannot accept her husband’s dementia and fights to win back his love. The self-sacrificing woman tries to rebuild their relationship step by step.



Kurzfilme - Out Of Competition


China, Germany, Greece, Russia


Original version with Engl. sub.


Tuesday 17.04.

21:45 Actors Studio 3

Wednesday 18.04.

17:00 Actors Studio 3