67-year old Hana is a good-hearted soul in her family. Ever since her husband passed away, the sweet and humble woman lives alone in their old, unchanged family home. Every week, her two sons, with their wives and kids, come over to share a meal – an old tradition which they never stopped. Hana selflessly takes care of her grandson Ivánek, who doesn’t seem to appreciate his grandmother’s help a lot. She also supports her two sons, when they ask for money – and they do not hold back. However, these two are rather self-absorbed and busy with their own lives and fail to see that their mother could use some help in the house herself. One day, Hana discovers a motionless man floating in the river and helps him get out of the freezing water just in time. Broňa, so she learns, lives in a camping van near the river and belongs to a group of older people who ice-swimm to keep themselves fit. Slowly, Broňa and his circle of friends reignite Hana’s joie de vivre and a new world of opportunities opens up to her. Bohdan Sláma’s warm comedy with a quiet serious undertone is a plea for a kinder interaction with one another, and shows impressively that it is never too late to start all over again.


Petr Oukropec

Petr Oukropec

Producer Ice Mother
In Vienna: April 15-16



Michał Oleszczyk

Michał Oleszczyk

Film critic, curator Feature Film Competition
In Vienna: April 13-20

Melanie Macher

Melanie Macher

Moderator Film Programme

Ice Mother

Original Title

Bába z ledu


Bohdan Sláma


Bohdan Sláma


Zuzana Kronerová, Pavel Nový, Daniel Vízek


Feature film


Feature Film Competition


France, Slovakia, Czech Republic




Czech with Engl. sub.

Running time

105 min.


The Match Factory


Sunday 15.04.

15:30 Urania Kino

Monday 16.04.

20:30 Artis International 3

Sunday 22.04.

18:00 Urania Kino