Young Özge drives her taxi through Vienna to chauffeur drunken passengers and other weird characters. And the amount of rage in her stomach is at least as high as Travis Bickle’s, the “Taxi Driver” in the famous Scorsese movie. One night, she witnesses a murder in the house next door. The victim, a prostitute, is literally executed. And the killer saw Özge. However, the young woman neither receives witness protection nor a security detail. The investigating police inspector Christian Steiner treats the case like he treats anything else, with a mixture of Austrian indifference and a big pinch of chauvinism. Nobody seems to be able to help Özge anyway. Especially when the murderer gets into her taxi at night and pulls out a flashing knife. She manages to escape after a long fight and a spectacular chase by a fraction of an inch. The deeper the horror digs into her life, the sooner the protagonist’s own private hell comes to light. Her only hope to be rescued ironically lies within an unlikely alliance with inspector Steiner, who is also just a lonely soul like Özge. Together they have to fight a cruel psychopath who’s rope is tightening around their necks. This is the only chance to escape this cold hell constructed by Stefan Ruzowitzky.  

Cold Hell

Original Title

Die Hölle


Stefan Ruzowitzky


Martin Ambrosch


Violetta Schurawlow, Tobias Moretti, Sammy Sheik


Feature film


Austrian Days


Germany, Austria




German with Engl. sub.

Running time

92 min.


Luna Film, Filmladen


Friday 20.04.

21:00 Artis International 3