Statistics show that train drivers will be unintentionally responsible for the death of approximately 20 people over their working lives. Ilija, responsible for 28 corpses, holds a ghastly record. However, apart from a few psychologists, there is little interest in his case. After all, it couldn’t be Ilija’s fault that people decide to throw themselves in front of his train. Still, he sends flowers to the families of the deceased after each accident – that’s common courtesy. One day a little boy, about ten years old, refuses to leave the tracks during his play. In the nick of time Ilija manages to stop the speeding train to save the child’s life. After it is revealed that he has no family, Ilija adopts the boy into his own home to take care of him. Everything is going well until the boy decides to become a train driver himself, just like his adoptive father – an idea that Ilija does not approve of at all. Miloš Radović’s refreshing comedy is a charming, witty approach to a serious subject. The moving story, enriched with irresistible protagonists, is served with a large portion of black humour. It isn’t surprising that the film won several awards, including the Audience Award of the Moscow International Film Festival, as well as the Young Audience Award in Sarajevo.


Lazar Ristovski

Lazar Ristovski

Lazar Ristovski
Leading actor Train Driver's Diary, On the Other Side
In Vienna: March 22-23

Milos Radovic

Milos Radovic

Miloš Radović
Director Train Driver's Diary
In Vienna: March 22-24

Train Driver's Diary

Original Title

Dnevnik mašinovođe


Miloš Radović


Miloš Radović


Lazar Ristovski, Petar Korać, Pavle Erić




Feature Film Competition


Croatia, Serbia




22.03. Serbian with Germ. sub., 23.03. Serbian with Engl. sub.

Running time

90 min


Wednesday 22.03.

20:30 Urania Kino

Thursday 23.03.

19:45 Actors Studio 2