Four people live in an apartment building in Zagreb – completely separate lives, to be precise. After the passing of the love of his life, the only thing keeping history professor Vjeko alive is his critically ill father Hrvoje who he is taking care of in his flat. In the meantime, nurse Maja and policeman Ante are currently leading an affectionate but often complicated marriage – due to Ante’s drinking patterns and to make matters worse, living in a far too small apartment. Fate brings all of them together when Vjeko, who is homosexual, is brutally beaten up by a group of hooligans while wearing women’s clothing. Maja first looks after him, and later, takes care of Vjeko’s father as well who quickly takes pleasure in her nursing care. In return, she asks Vjeko to help her husband study for his upcoming exam about the constitution. But, as a Croatian nationalist, Vjeko has a hard time developing an understanding for Serbian Ante who, in turn, is bothered by the sexual orientation of his conversational partner. Only in the course of time, the characters learn to overcome their prejudices. Rajko Grlić’s award-winning film drama convinces through a great deal of humanity and depicting the protagonists with all their strengths and weaknesses. A touching film about the slow development of a friendship which the viewer can barely withdraw from.


Ksenija Marinkovic

Ksenija Marinkovic

Ksenija Marinković
Leading actess The Constitution, On the Other Side, Ministry of Love
In Vienna: March 25-27

The Constitution

Original Title

Ustav Republike Hrvatske


Rajko Grlić


Rajko Grlic, Ante Tomic


Nebojša Glogovac, Dejan Aćimović, Ksenija Marinković




Feature Film Competition, Cultural Year Austria–Croatia


Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Czech Republic




Croatian with Engl. sub.

Running time

93 min


Saturday 25.03.

17:00 Urania Kino

Sunday 26.03.

15:30 Village Cinema 3