The following films are presented:

MOTHER / Matka
POL 2016 | 27 min
Language: German with Engl. sub.
Director: Piotr Gołębiowski
German soldiers seize the house of a Polish family, but allow them to go on living in the attic. Not only hunger becomes a big problem.
HALF A MAN / Po čovika
CRO 2016 | 20 min.
Language: Croatian with Engl. sub.
Director: Kristina Kumrić
A family is looking forward to the father’s return from being held captive as a war prisoner. But the man now sitting at the kitchen table, is no longer the same.
FAMILY IDYLL / Familienidylle
AUT 2016 | 19 min.
Language: Without dialogue
Director: Bastian Schwind & Flo Staffelmayr
This silent film set in the 70s tells a love story that becomes more and more fragile. It is reminiscent of the style and design of Super 8 films.


Flo Staffelmayr

Flo Staffelmayr

Flo Staffelmayr
Director Family Idyll
In Vienna: March 21-26

Bastian Schwind

Bastian Schwind

Bastian Schwind
Director Family Idyll
In Vienna: March 21-26

SHORTS: Family Matters 3


Short Film Programme


Croatia, Austria, Poland


Original version with Engl. sub.

Running time

96 min


Tuesday 21.03.

19:15 Urania, mittlerer Saal

Monday 27.03.

21:15 Actors Studio 2