In 1938 14 year old Schlomo Perel, a German Jew, flees with his family to Łódź. As the Nazis invade Poland only a year later, Schlomo is in danger again. His parents decide to send their son further east into the Russian occupied territory of the country, where he ends up in an orphanage. After falling into the hands of soldiers of the Wehrmacht anyhow, quick-witted Schlomo poses as a Volksdeutscher (ethnic German) who has been kid-napped by the Bolsheviks. Since then Jupp, as the Germans call him, works as an assistant translator for the German army and quickly becomes his superiors’ protégé. His perilious odyssey however, does not end there. Film critics on the website Rotten Tomaoes rated the film with the highest mark and the audience score too, being at 91%, is very good. The New York Times’ verdict is also clearly positive : “There are a great many movies about the tragic experience of the Jews during the Second World War, but only a handful as passionate, as subtly intelligent, as universal as this one.“

The man, who Hitlerjunge Salomon is modelled on, will be personally present at the LET’S CEE FILMFESTIVAL and answer questions fom the audience.



Sally Perel

Sally Perel

Sally Perel 
Holocaust survivor and author Ich war Hitlerjunge Salomon
In Vienna: October 1-11

Europa, Europa

Original Title

Hitlerjunge Salomon


Agnieszka Holland


Agnieszka Holland, Paul Hengge, Sally Perel


Marco Hofschneider, Julie Delpy, René Hofschneider




School Cinema, Antikriegsfilm-Retrospektive


Germany, France, Poland




German, Russian, Polish, Hebrew with German sub.

Running time

109 min.


Sunday 04.10.

11:00 Urania Kino

Monday 05.10.

09:00 Village Cinema 5

Tuesday 06.10.

11:00 Village Cinema 5

Wednesday 07.10.

09:00 Village Cinema 5