High noon in Slovenia: Two female gunslingers are engaged in a furious duel. An animated mixture of Wild West and traditional Slovenian country life, complete with its politics and gender roles.

The film will be presented within the frame of SHORT FILMS: PLAYFUL together with the following productions:

The Etude
LTU 2013 | 20 min.
Language: Lithuanian w. Engl. ST
Director: Austėja Urbaitė.
Inspired by the novel “The Etude” by famous Lithuanian writer and director Jonas Mekas, two actors attempt to explore the depths of their souls. A profound filmic poem.

Dove on the roof
KAZ 2013 | 28 min.
Language: Russian w. Engl. ST
Director: Olga Korotko.
“One needs to be in danger when one utters a wish” - little Dove is convinced of that. And thus a dangerous balancing act on the roof seems to be the only way out of a life without perspectives.

CRO 2014 | 10 min.
Language: Croatian w. Engl. ST
This film was made during the International Talent Workshop at the Festival of Tolerance in Zagreb.
Zagreb, at the time of World War II: Despite the choking omnipresence of fascism, life remains a game for six-year-old Klara. But her childlike carefreeness brings her family into serious difficulties.

POL 2013 | 10 min.
Language: Polish w. Engl. ST
Director: Katarzyna Gondek.
In the eyes of a little girl, grandmother looks a lot like a witch. So she decides to spice up the religious old lady’s boring life a little. An absurd fairy tale in fascinating images.

HUN 2013 | 13min.
Directors: Virag Zomboracz, Hanna Horvath-Molnar.
Bubu, the gentle giant, and the beautiful Adela live in a most unequal relationship. While Bubu is giving up on himself to prove his love to Adela, she cheats on him with a very able-bodied stranger.

Georgia 2013 | 6 min
Director: Giorgi Mrevlishvili.
Two children play on the beach. With bow and arrows. When they find a stranded fish, the boundaries between play and earnest dwindle. A tribute to the mysteries of childhood.




Boris Dolenc


Kurzfilme - Out Of Competition

Country and Year

Slovenia 2013


OV with English Subtitles

Running time

9 min.


Monday 06.10.

15:00 Village Cinema 1

Saturday 11.10.

16:00 Actors Studio 1