Scandal is the first long documentary about the LGBT* social movement (*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) in Albania. The highly astonishing story shows how the social and political movement succeeded in entering the heart of the deeply conservative society in only five years. It tells the experiences gained by the intelligent and brave founders of the movement in the past years. It deals with the fate and stories of young people, reporting their experiences and how the movement affected their lives, for the first time in history without any masks and under their real names. The LGBT activists are shown at parties or while communicating in social networks, which they owe a big part of their success to. Viewers get to know the long path of LGBT actions from the beginning until now, such as painting the benches in front of the presidential palace in Tirana in the colours of the rainbow, or the opening of an international exhibition about the topic in the National Historical Museum. The film is not only a tribute to all the people, who where persecuted because of their sexual orientation during the communist times, but a clear encouragement to all those who are still too afraid to out themselves. And last but not least, "Ska ndal“, which means "Don’t stop“ in Albanian, is simply that: a definite call to carry on and continue.


Eriona Cami

Eriona Cami

Director Scandal

Elton Baxhaku

Elton Baxhaku

Director Scandal


Original Title



Baxhaku Elton, Eriona Çami


Kristi Pinderi, Xheni Karaj


Pierre Kattar, Patrick O'Gara, Leon Çika, Vincent Van, Gerven Oei, Erjon Tela




Documentary Competition

Country and Year

Albania, 2014


Albanian, English, engl. subtitles

Running time

64 min


Thursday 09.10.

20:45 Actors Studio 1

Friday 10.10.

19:00 Actors Studio 1