Even Mother Russia is no longer what she used to be. At least not for Sergei and Viktor. The two leading members of a communist faction in St. Petersburg have long since turned their backs on the CP, which has become much too progressive for them. By means of wayward activities and unconventional public appearances they try to keep old political traditions alive. Their motto is: arousing attention at any cost. However, Sergei and Viktor not only worry about the decline of communism within Russia's borders – in Nepal, too, their ideology seems to be rapidly declining. Hence, the two reactionary clowns set out to come to the rescue of their fellow comrades in the distant kingdom. Their goal: to end the fraternal strife between Leninists and Maoists. After all, all comrades have to act in concert for the intended world revolution to occur. What seems like a perfectly made mockumentary starring a congenial comedy duo turns out to be a true documentary. A grotesque documentary, to which no fictional elements were added that shows by way of simple cinematographic means, in a highly amusing but also appalling manner, the absurd spin-offs resulting from a reactionary world view.


Nastya Velskaya

Nastya Velskaya

Producer Nepal Forever

Stefan Adrian

Stefan Adrian

Festival Management goEast

Nepal Forever

Original Title

Непал Форева/ Nepal foreva


Aljona Polunina


Aljona Polunina


Sergei Malinkovich, Viktor Perov





Country and Year

Russia, 2013


Russian, Nepali, English, Engl. ST

Running time

90 min


Friday 10.10.

19:00 Actors Studio 2

Saturday 11.10.

14:00 Actors Studio 2