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Milcho Manchevski is a multiple award winning director and screenwriter. But that is not all: He writes novels, short stories and essays, he is a photographer, teacher and active performance artist. After he finished his studies at the faculty for arts and archaeology in Skopje, Manchevski got his degree in film and photography in Illinois, USA. He then worked very successfully as a cameraman for advertisements and music videos. The video for Tennessee by Arrested Development won the MTV Music Award for Best Rap Video in 1992 and was ranked 69th of the best music videos of all time by the Rolling Stone magazine. Milcho Manchevski gained international fame in 1994 with his first feature film Before the Rain. The film was nominated for an Academy Award and even won the prestigious Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.


Milcho Manchevski

Milcho Manchevski

Director Before the Rain
Lecturer Master Class

Master Class Milcho Manchevski


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