Invisible Spaces


Invisible Spaces
(Ukhilavi sivrtseebi)
GEO/USA 2014 | 10 min.
Language: Georgian w. Engl. ST
Director: Dea Kulumbegashvili

The alarm rings, a woman rises from sleep. She dresses. A large cross is hanging on the wall in the background. She serves breakfast and calls her husband to the table. He is a priest, absorbed in the Bible. A prayer before breakfast. The couple’s fidgety and restless little daughter joins in. The father’s presence is dominant. The woman’s wish to attend an accountancy course in order to earn a little extra money does not even cause a conflict, it just ebbs away quietly, as if never uttered. Director Dea Kulumbegashvili tells an unpretentious and quiet story about domestic hierarchies in a religious patrimony. The eponymous invisible spaces are the woman’s emotions, which are paralysed and in a standstill.

The film will be presented within the frame of SHORT FILM COMPETITION 2 together with the following productions:

The Chicken
GER/CRO 2014 | 15 min.
Language: Bosnian w. Engl. ST
Director: Una Gunjak
For her birthday, six-year-old Selma gets a living chicken from her father, who is currently serving the army. She now tries to save her present from ending up in the cooking pot. A compelling study of a family’s life under the horrors of war.

POL 2014 | 24 min.
Language: Polish w. Engl. ST
Director: Daniel Wawrzyniak
Albert leads a heteronomous life in an undisclosed factory. An above all visually impressive story of the longing for life in an industrial society, which is dominated by lifelessness.

Ucronia (Ukronija)
SRB 2014 | 29 min.
Language: Serbian w. Engl. ST
Director: Marko Backović
A murder caused by an innocent joke results in a violent frenzy. What if the quarrel never emerged? A black comedy about the possibilities of de-escalation, filled with bizarre caricature gangsters.

Ukrainian Lessons
UKR 2013 | 29 min.
Language: Ukrainian w. Engl. ST
Director: Ruslan Batytskyi
When an attractive new teacher arrives in a small Ukrainian town, a tremendously dynamic series of events is triggered. The hatred of young mine workers, accumulated in years without prospect, explodes in striking pictures of violence and destruction.

GER/LAT 2013 | 16 min.
Language: Russian w. Engl. ST
Director: Pyotr Magnus Nedov
As usual, two criminals collect protection money from a Jewish shop owner, when the situation suddenly deescalates. A superbly cynical reckoning with the sheer ignorance of the authorities; one that is all too accurate in many places of the world.

Invisible Spaces

Original Title

Ukhilavi sivrtseebi


Dea Kulumbegashvili


Short Film Competition

Country and Year

Georgia/USA 2014


OV with English Subtitles

Running time

10 min


Thursday 09.10.

16:00 Urania Kino

Saturday 11.10.

21:00 Actors Studio 1