In cooperation with two new LET’S CEE partners, the Austrian Integration Fund and the initiative Zusammen:Österreich, the so-called integration cinema will take place for the first time this year. Students will be shown five didactically valuable short films, which deal with politically and societally relevant topics (Adagio, The Chicken, The Execution as well as Invisible Spaces and Hosanna). After the screening, the teenagers will be able to discuss the films with the filmmakers Jani Sever, Katarzyna Gondek, Una Gunjak and Petra Szőcs as well as with the invited integration ambassadors of Zusammen:Österreich. The integration cinema, aimed at teenagers of all nationalities, is provided free of charge for interested school classes by the Austrian Integration Fund.

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School Cinema


Monday 06.10.

08:30 Artis International 3

Monday 06.10.

10:30 Artis International 3

Thursday 09.10.

11:30 Urania Kino

Friday 10.10.

09:00 Apollo - Das Kino

Friday 10.10.

11:00 Apollo - Das Kino