Frantisek may be an underachiever at school, but is still a talented young man with a great sense for business, who is not afraid to take part in criminal activities. At least, he knows exactly how to benefit from the already collapsing system of the Soviet Union. He takes every opportunity to make a profit. Frantisek has no problem with stealing expensive gravestones from cemeteries and selling them as construction material or importing digital watches while exporting stolen antiquities. The same-age incorrupt investigator Cajthami is willing to stop the crook, but has to face the fact, that his enemy already made friends within the police and communist party. A cat-and-mouse game starts, which lasts even after the fall of the Iron Curtain, and Frantisek makes plans for the future – a future full of money, wealth and prestige. He and his dubious companions decide to privatise state-owned corporations in order to achieve their goal. Their project is costly, but not only in terms of money - murders are fixed points on their agenda.

The Godfather’s story is the story of a divided world, where law is on the side of the powerful but hope for the weak is still alive. A gripping mafia movie with great staging, based on a true story that has enthused not only the Czech critics and audience.


Monika Effenbergerova

Monika Effenbergerova

David Rauch

David Rauch

Godfather's Story

Original Title

Príbeh kmotra


Petr Nikolaev


Petr Nikolaev, Miroslav Oščatka


Ondřej Vetchý, Jan Vondráček, Vica Kerekes, Lukáš Vaculík, Kryštof Hádek


Feature Film Competition

Country and Year

Czech Republic, 2013


Czech, engl. subtitles

Running time

99 min


Wednesday 08.10.

20:30 Urania Kino

Saturday 11.10.

16:15 Village Cinema 1