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Farm boy Ivan Sergeevich lives in a snowy village in the deepest of Russian provinces. Every morning, he cleans up the stables and feeds the cows. So the quotidian routine is interrupted only by few incidents, such as picking up beer from the village shop. One winter morning though, a stranger comes to the village and offers Ivan Sergeevich a well-paid job in town. He gratefully accepts it, and the stranger takes him to a city Ivan has never seen before. There he meets Julia, a beautiful young woman as well as the head of the company for which he is supposed to work. She buys him a suit, a tie and shoes. This way, the village boy quickly turns into a metropolitan man. But soon, Ivan Sergeevich finds out that the job which they promised him with the most dazzling images, is, in fact, not what he expected at all. While sitting alone in one subsidiary of a global fast-food-chain, he realises that he has made a mistake. But Ivan doesn’t want to give up: he dreams of an idyllic life with Julia. As incredible as it may sound, this movie is based on a true story: that of the leading actor Ivan Lashin, who plays himself. However, this is not only reason why Head. Two Ears directed by the young director Vitaly Suslim is simply extraordinary.

Head. Two Ears

Original Title

Golovo. Dva ukha


Vitaly Suslin


Ivan Lashin, Vitaly Suslin


Ivan Lashin, Tatiana Lashina, Grigory Kokotkin


Feature film








Russian with Engl. sub.

Running time

79 min.


Vitaly Suslin


Friday 13.04.

18:30 Actors Studio 2

Saturday 14.04.

21:00 Actors Studio 2

Sunday 22.04.

17:00 Actors Studio 2