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Dinel works as a car mechanic, and as such, has some serious money issues. At one point, his wife even leaves him solely for this reason. When Dinel and his friends – Pompiliu, a lazy official and Sile, a gambler –, win the lottery jackpot, everything seems to change for the three of them. Unfortunately, their luck lasts only a short while: until some wanna-be-gangsters get their hands on Dinel’s bag with the lottery ticket still inside. Stripped of their financial fortune, they ask the police for help, but are not taken very seriously due to their naivety. The three unlucky fellows have no choice but to hunt down the mobsters on their own. They start by looking and asking around the crime scene, but soon learn that asking questions is not enough. They have to go beyond that, and finally, don’t even flinch at the thought of breaking and entering. Not only must the protagonists deal with potheads and dubious clairvoyants, but little by little they manage to refine their detective skills. With his low-budget film, Director Paul Negoescu delivers a highly-entertaining road movie, which not only identifies all kinds of social shortcomings along the way, but also gives deep insight into the Romanian soul. No surprise that Two Lottery Tickets became a crowd pleaser in its country of origin!


Alexandru Papadopol

Alexandru Papadopol

Alexandru Papadopol
Producer and actor Two Lottery Tickets
In Vienna: March 24-26

Two Lottery Tickets

Original Title

Douã lozuri


Paul Negoescu


Ion Luca Caragiale, Paul Negoescu


Dorian Boguță, Dragoș Bucur, Alexandru Papadopol




Romania in Focus






Romanian with Engl. sub.

Running time

86 min


Saturday 25.03.

22:00 Urania Kino

Sunday 26.03.

17:00 Actors Studio 2