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CITY OF WALLS / Qyteti i Mureve
ALB 2016 | 22 min. | Albanisch mit engl. UT | Eneos Çarka
This short documentary provides insight into Tirana’s street art scene, and its artists are given the opportunity to speak, and talk about their motives, problems and rivalries.
THE CALL / Der Anruf
AUT 2016 | 17 min.
Language: German with Engl. sub.
Director: Johann Scholz
After his last patrol, an Austrian border soldier is being haunted by guilt. His thoughts revolve around an unknown phone number.
THE WATCH TOWER / Dostrzegalnia
POL 2015 | 10 min.
Language: Polish with Engl. sub.
Director: Magda Jaroszewicz
Silence is the only thing that fills the spare time of a lonely Polish forest ranger while she watches the surrounding woods from her watch tower.
ROM 2016 | 20 min.
Language: Romanian with Engl. sub.
Director: Adrian Silisteanu
Thanks to the birth of a child, a broken family reunites at a hospital after a very long time, and yet, missing identity documents threaten to tear them apart once again.
FRA 2016 | 9 min.
Language: French with Engl. sub.
Director: Clara Vorfeld
Three beggars on the streets of Paris talk about their dreams – finding true love, having a roof over one’s head and learning a profession.


Clara Vorfeld

Clara Vorfeld

Clara Vorfeld
Director Material Life

Magda Jaroszewicz

Magda Jaroszewicz

Magda Jaroszewicz
Director The Watch tower
In Vienna: March 21-26

Johann Scholz

Johann Scholz

Johann Scholz
Director The Call
In Vienna: March 21-26

Jovana Kovanovic

Jovana Kovanovic

Jovana Kovanovic
Director Vietnam
In Vienna: March 21-26

SHORTS: Society Matters 2


Short Film Programme


Albania, France, Austria, Poland, Romania


Original version with Engl. sub.

Running time

103 min


Friday 24.03.

16:30 Urania, mittlerer Saal

Sunday 26.03.

15:30 Village Cinema 4