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SHORTS: Family Matters 1


The following films are presented:

ADAPTATION / Adaptacja
POL 2016 | 24 min.
Language: Polish with Engl. sub.
Director: Bartosz Kruhlik
Michał causes a car accident in which his brother dies. His father puts the blame on Michał and his mother is torn between love and hate.
ROM/GER 2016 | 24 min.
Language: Romanian with Engl. sub.
Director: Ronny Dörfler
As Cristina tries to take her sister away from their violent family home – the home from which she herself fled – a fight with her father ensues.
THE GREATER GOOD / Zum Wohle Aller
AUT 2016 | 21 min.
Sprache: Deutsch mit engl. UT
Regie: Franziska Zaiser
Reluctantly, Thomas spends his twenty-fifth birthday with his family and superficial conversations. A truly realistic family story.


Franziska Zaiser

Franziska Zaiser

Franziska Zaiser
Director The Greater Good
In Vienna: March 21-26

Michael Zachhuber

Michael Zachhuber

Michael Zachhuber
Producer The Greater Good

SHORTS: Family Matters 1


Short Film Programme


Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania


Original version with Engl. sub.

Running time

89 min


Tuesday 21.03.

15:45 Urania, mittlerer Saal

Monday 27.03.

17:45 Actors Studio 2