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Papa Rudi tells a young, homeless boy about the story of three men who have one attribute in common with the child: their parents abandoned them at a young age. Arthur Popescu, whose parents migrated to Germany without their offspring in order to earn money, is now a charming rascal involved in dubious trade. Panait Surdu, forced to work as an indentured servant after the death of his father, discovers his place in a reality TV show. And Sica the General, who was blamed by his father for his mother’s flight in the past, now lovingly cares for orphans living on the street. In a humorous, colourful take on these serious stories, Billion Star Hotel is reminiscent of a children’s fairy tale. Combined with unconventional narration and excellent music, the film teaches us that life is not always a walk in the park. However, the message is distinctive: Life may be tough but the perspective you have is your choice. “In black or white or in sync with the beat”, life is as you decide to see it. The outlandish Romanian comedy, which invites viewers of all ages to daydream, received numerous awards and affirms that, if you always keep your head up and a smile on your face, you will find out how truly wonderful life can be. An enriching guide on how to take life with a grain of salt.


Alecs Nastoiu

Alecs Nastoiu

Alecs Nastoiu
Director Billion Star Hotel
In Vienna: March 21-26

Billion Star Hotel

Original Title

Billion Star Hotel


Alecs Năstoiu


Alecs Năstoiu, Alexandra Pater


Nicu Mihoc, Dan Rădulescu, Theo Marton




Promising debuts competition






Romanian with Engl. sub.

Running time

92 min


Friday 24.03.

21:15 Village Cinema 3

Saturday 25.03.

21:45 Actors Studio 3