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Under the Sea


A young poet, lying injured on the railway tracks, is found by a deaf-mute girl and taken into her secluded fairytale world. A warm, lovingly told story about art and perception.

The film will be presented within the frame of SHORT FILMS: FRIENDS & STRANGERS together with the following productions:

Thirteen and a half minutes
(Tizenhárom és fél perc)
HUN 2013 | 15 min.
Language: Hungarian w. Engl. ST
Director: Georgina Hegedűs.
Thirteen and a half minutes. This is exactly how long a young man must wait with a stranger he just hit with his car until the rescue team arrives. An unusual love story and delicately staged snapshot.

POL 2013 | 25 min.
Language: Polish w. Engl. ST
Director: Aleksandra Gorecka.
The often quoted midlife crisis, triggered by the monotony of everyday life, hits many people in their forties. A delightful portrayal of normality and the alternatives to it between family, friendship, job and sex.

POL 2013 | 28 min.
Language: Polish w. Engl. ST
Director: Maciej Marczewski.
The elevator is stuck, a man and a woman are trapped inside. They make up stories to pass the time, but end up playing mind games, setting free strong emotions in a confined space.

The Wires
RUS 2013 | 6 min.
Language: Russian w. Engl. ST
Director: Tatiana Moshkova.
The word “sorry” gets lost in the phone lines, without ever arriving anywhere. The message: Often, it is a little word that can change our lives for the better.

Under the Sea


Nikita Ordynskiy


Kurzfilme - Out Of Competition

Country and Year

Russia 2014


OV with English Subtitles

Running time

23 min


Friday 03.10.

17:00 Village Cinema 1

Wednesday 08.10.

15:00 Village Cinema 1