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Sébastien, an immigrant from Georgia, is renovating a house by the French coast. While working, Sébastien eavesdrops on a conversation of Monsieur Godon, the house owner, talking about his last coup. He recognizes that Monsieur Godon is not only a morphine addict, but must also be involved in some criminal activities. The day Godon dies of an overdose is the day that changes Sébastiens life forever. It is his chance to flee from poverty and an uneventful life. He steals an envelope with secret information on the next coup, which leads him to a hidden villa. Soon he becomes part of a macabre game, involving a society of shady people, betting on the lives of thirteen poor wretches. 13 Tzameti is an ambitious, absorbing, very intense and at the same time macabre gangster thriller. The plot is reminiscent of renowned productions like The Deer Hunter and Battle Royale, race reviews also draw parallels to Hostel and the Saw-series. Géla Babluanis' film, that has been awarded by the jury of the Sundance Festival in the US and also at the European Film Awards, does not only fascinate the critics, but also impresses the audience with its disturbing and nihilistic attitude.

13 Tzameti – Place your bets


Géla Babluani


Géla Babluani


George Babluani, Aurélien Recoing, Pascal Bongard, Fred Ulysse, Nicolas Pignon


25 - The Retrospective

Country and Year

France, Georgia 2005


French, Georgian, German with engl. ST

Running time

93 min


Monday 06.10.

22:15 Urania Kino