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Globetrotter Lazar returns home to attend his father's funeral, where he meets Leni, his best friend from childhood days, who has meanwhile grown up to be a woman. A strong feeling of their former connectedness soon flares up again, although the years of separation have obviously left some traces. They embark on a wild bicycle trip together across the gorgeous, sun-baked landscape of Northern Serbia – two young people loudly and vehemently rebelling against adult life. However, in the course of their trip, questions come up which Leni in particular has not expected.

The Disobedient is a film praising the virtues of youth. Mina Djukic's romantic comedy is both thought-provoking and high-spirited. It is a coming-of-age film that also shows how wonderful life can be if you reconnect with your soul mate. And how complicated, if suddenly other feelings get in the way. Outstanding: beautiful landscape scenes and cinematography where the director – instead of following a predetermined script – has relied on the team's sense of timing to catch the right moment.


Mina Djukic

Mina Djukic

Director The Disobedient

The Disobedient

Original Title



Mina Đukić


Mina Đukić


Hana Selimović, Mladen Sovilj, Minja Subota, Danijel Šike, Ivan Đorđević, Dunja Tatić




Promising Debuts

Country and Year

Serbia 2014


Serbian, Engl. subtitles

Running time

112 min


Tuesday 07.10.

19:00 Village Cinema 1

Wednesday 08.10.

18:15 Actors Studio 1