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This political thriller represents the debut of director Attila Szasz and reports on the dramatic incidences from August 16th 1958, when two young Hungarian immigrants forcibly entered their country’s embassy in Bern and took the ambassador hostage. Both of the intruders, who were standing as freedom fighters at the sharp end of the uprising in Budapest two years earlier, act on political motifs. While the Swiss police is surrounding the building and a group of Hungarian immigrants is starting to demonstrate on the street, everyone’s nerves are on the edge both behind and in front of the locked doors of the embassy. The precarious situation seems to be unsolvable. Critically acclaimed in its home country, the film was especially praised for the high quality of its screenplay, written by probably one of Hungary’s currently best screenwriters, Norbert Köbli, and its successful, atmospheric setting, which at times resembles a seemingly claustrophobic chamber play and increases suspense until the end of the film. The story, based on true events, is told quite loosely. The reason for this free interpretation of the happenings is a cover-up of the whole incident and its backgrounds, when documents were deliberately destroyed and intentionally manipulated.


Attila Szász

Attila Szász

Director Ambassador to Bern

Janos Kulka

Janos Kulka

Actor Ambassador to Bern

The Ambassador to Bern

Original Title

A berni követ


Attila Szász


Norbert Köbli


KoroJános Kulka, Tamás Szabó Kimmel, József Kádas, Rozi Lovas, Rémusz Szikszai




Highlights Communists

Country and Year

Hungary, 2014


Hungarian, German with engl. ST

Running time

76 min


Monday 06.10.

21:30 Village Cinema 1

Tuesday 07.10.

17:00 Village Cinema 1