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Transnistria – also known by the official self-appellation “Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic” (PMR) - is a country on the edge of Europe, unrecognised by the rest of the word. For many years now, Igor Smirnow, according to his own judgement the republic’s irreplaceable president, has been waving to his people from the capital’s stands. Under his charismatic leadership, the building of a sovereign state on the ruins of the USSR and in the once richest industrial region of Moldavia practically failed. Although Transnistria conducts own border controls and has an own army and currency, it is far from being independent. In fact, it entirely depends on Russia’s benevolence. Whenever there are presidential elections, oppositional candidates usually show up with plans on how to get the country running again. However, the fight over the leadership of this invisible country quickly becomes very emotional.

Meeli Muhu and Kristina Norman were successful in making their political farce an entertaining and highly topical documentary that is quite captivating – even though now and then one chokes on their own laughter.


Kristina Norman

Kristina Norman

Director PMR

Meelis Muhu

Meelis Muhu

Director PMR

PMR - In the State of Limbo


Meelis Muhu, Kristina Norman


Meelis Muhu




Documentary Competition

Country and Year

Estonia 2014


Russian, engl. subtitles

Running time

80 min


Sunday 05.10.

20:45 Actors Studio 1

Monday 06.10.

16:30 Actors Studio 1