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Lucia, an attractive Russian girl, and her little daughter Marussia live with a friend in Paris. However, one day she throws them out of the apartment and suddenly have to sleep wherever they find a place to. With all their possessions packed in a trolley suitcase, they spend the first night at an Orthodox priest’s place. The next night they spend in a hostel for the homeless, and the following one in a cinema. The fourth night is spent with a chance acquaintance in a four-star hotel. In short: While wandering around aimlessly, they meet all kinds of people and live each day as if it were the one day, which might finally change their lives. But being that their situation is not only not improving, but they even end up sleeping under a bridge, the Russian community decides to buy them a ticket back home to Russia. But then Marussia suddenly opposes her mother and runs away. She does not want to go back to Russia and makes off with a boy of the same age, looking to find a true childhood at last.

Marussia is a very personal road movie about the relationship between a mother and her five-year-old daughter. A sometimes more and sometimes less loving relationship, and a story about how they find each other on their long journey… or not.


Eva Pervolovici

Eva Pervolovici

Director Marrusia


Original Title



Eva Pervolovic


Eva Pervolovici , Monica Stan


Dinara Drukarova, Marie-Isabelle Shteynman, Georges Babluani, Sharunas Bartas, Dounia Sichov




Young Generation

Country and Year

France, Russia, 2013


French, Russian, Engl. ST.

Running time

82 min


Saturday 04.10.

13:00 Urania Kino

Saturday 04.10.

18:30 Brunnenpassage