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Run, Boy, Run! will be screened at this year’s LET’S CEE Film Festival as part of a project called Educational Morning, established in 2009 by Branko Lustig and presented for the first time in Austria.  By means of multimedia and interdisciplinary methods, this series of events is directed against the growing popularity of extreme right-wing ideologies and against discrimination.

Eight-year-old Srulik is the only one out of his family, who manages to escape the Warsaw Ghetto. He ends up in difficult woodland, where he is on his own first, but later on has to battle for his existence together with other Jewish kids on a daily basis. When he gets separated from his friends again and his solitude, hunger and nightmares as well as the piercing winter nights take a lot out of him, he returns back to civilisation. Where many dangers lie in wait for him again. Magda, a living alone farmwoman, finally teaches him the perhaps most important and likewise most painful lesson of his life: namely how to deny his religion and thereby also his identity in order to beat his way as allegedly Catholic orphan from now onwards.

Run, Boy, Run! describes the unbelievable story of Yoram Fridman, which became internationally known due to Uri Orlev’s novel with the same name. Academy Award winner Pepe Danquart has staged the protagonist’s dramatic odyssey as big cinema by means of exceptional pictures, a soundtrack that could have easily come out of Hollywood and strong emotional effects. “A captivating and moving story. No single minute is redundant.”, Süddeutsche Zeitung decides. Further, the movie was honoured with the rating “especially valuable” by the Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung (FBW).


In cooperation with the Festival of Tolerance.


Branko Lustig

Branko Lustig

Lecturer Educational Morning
Lecturer Master Classes
Panel Discussion Über den richtigen Umgang mit dem nachhaltigen Erinnern und Gedenken

Educational Morning & Lauf Junge lauf


Pepe Danquart


Pepe Danquart, Heinrich Hadding


Andrzej und Kamil Tkacz, Elisabeth Duda, Itay Tiran, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Jeanette Hain




School Cinema

Country and Year

Germany, France, Poland, 2013



Running time



Monday 06.10.

09:00 Artis International 3