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Kertu, a gentle and timid woman in her mid-thirties, is still living at home, under her parents' strict rules. In her village, where she delivers the mail, she is deemed a bit simple-minded. After the Midsummer Festival, she disappears together with Villu, a hopeless drunkard but still rather handsome womanizer – and is found in his house on the next day, distracted and hiding under a bed. For her family and the whole village, it is evident that Kertu must have been raped. Her tyrannical father demands that she press charges against the man. And yet, the two have simply become lovers. When the seriously ill Villu sets out for Tallinn in order to get medical treatment, the uproar seems to settle down a bit. After his return, he confronts Kertu's father and learns that her life has been even more gruesome than he would have thought. Brilliant actors and a formidable soundtrack are only two of the many strong points of this unusual drama about prejudices, social constraints, addiction, illness and above all the great love between two misfits. The heart-rending love story was a huge box office hit in Estonia in 2013 and was also tremendously successful at a number of film festivals.


Ursula Ratasepp

Ursula Ratasepp

Actress Kertu

Kertu. Love Is Blind.

Original Title

Kertu. Love Is Blind.


Ilmar Raag


Ilmar Raag


Ursula Ratasepp, Mait Malmsten, Peeter Tammearu, Leila Säälik, Külliki Saldre




Highlights Love

Country and Year

Estonia, 2014


Estonian, Engl. subtitles

Running time

97 min


Saturday 04.10.

19:00 Village Cinema 1

Sunday 05.10.

21:15 Village Cinema 1