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Tatjana Božić is afraid that the relationship with the great love of her life might be over soon. Again. But enough is enough. In order to save her current love, the filmmaker starts out to search for the reasons that have caused her perceived incapacity to have a lasting relationship. She tracks down her temporary partners one after the other to talk with them and find a pattern in her unsuccessful relationships. As it turns out, this is not at all easy, for her first romantic love, Pavel from Moscow, can hardly be compared with the self-sacrificing relationship she had with the Croatian macho Vjeran, for instance. The reasons for separating, too, were different in each case. Or can the root of all love troubles possibly be found in her childhood?

A loosely arranged set of video diary entries, interviews with former lovers and home movies from childhood years turn into an emotional roller coaster ride through Božić's past – with stops across all of Europe. This full-length debut feature by Croatian-born Božić is a self-portrait which is as outspoken as it is intimate and funny; en passant it illuminates blind spots of passion-driven minds and shows cultural differences in the way in which relationships are maintained and roles are distributed.


Tatjana Bozic

Tatjana Bozic

Director Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After


Tatjana Bozic


Tatjana Božić, Alexander Goekjian




Documentary Competition

Country and Year

Croatia | Netherlands 2014



Running time

83 min


Tuesday 07.10.

20:45 Actors Studio 1

Wednesday 08.10.

16:00 Actors Studio 1