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Nutsa is an attractive dressmaker and lives in a suburb of Tiflis. Her boyfriend serves a 10-year sentence in a secluded prison. Why he got arrested is not mentioned in the film, it remains a secret. In general, the viewer does not get to know a lot about Goga, but all the more about Nutsa, who in the meantime has to look after their two children all alone. When it is announced that soon married women will be allowed to visit their husbands in prison once a month, Goga and Nutsa decide to get married amongst the prison walls. However, as time goes by, they grow apart from each other more and more. Still, they carefully find back together in the few hours of fading but intimate togetherness they have.

Narrated with dull colours and emphatic images, the well-played atmospherically dense drama, which won the Berlinale Audience Award in 2014, actually has a political background. Namely, in Post-Soviet Georgia, many people were punished in draconic ways for commiting small crimes. Also the husband of the director Kajrishvili was arrested and only released as part of an amnesty. They are still a couple and work together, even in this film. If the story of Nutsa and Gogo ends happily as well, will only be revealed on screen.


Tinatin Kajrishvili

Tinatin Kajrishvili

Director Brides


Original Title



Tinatin Kajrishvili


Tinatin Kajrishvili, David Chubinishvili


Sergo Buiglishvili, Anuka Grigolia, Nita Kalichava, Mari Kitia, Giorgi Makharadze


Feature Film Competition

Country and Year

France / Georgia, 2014


Georgian, engl. subtitles

Running time

93 min


Monday 06.10.

20:00 Urania Kino

Tuesday 07.10.

21:30 Village Cinema 1