Stach is 12 years old and the son of a miller. He passionately reads novels that take place on the high seas. He dreams of travelling across oceans, exotic countries and thrilling adventures. Indeed his dreams turn into reality a few years later when he becomes an officer on board a merchant ship. He is highly regarded by his captain and he even manages to win over the heart of the captain’s daughter Jola. He really has only one enemy. That is the boatman, Rudolf, who is also infatuated with the young woman. After a dispute, Rudolf has to leave the ship and vows vengeance. One day, Stach returns to his village to receive his parent’s blessing for his upcoming wedding. While there, he has a fateful encounter with a female childhood friend. The Call of the Sea, directed by Henryk Szaro, is a love story with a rousing, turbulent plot that successfully appeals to a wide audience. It is the oldest Polish silent film, which, in large part, takes place at sea. During its time, the film was praised for its complex scenery and cinematography. Alongside many stars of the silent film era, officers and gunmen of the Polish navy and air force also appeared in the exquisite epic.


Within the frame of the LET'S CEE FIlm Festival 2017, three legendary silent film classics from Central and Eastern Europe will be presented for the first time in Austria in digitally-restored quality at the cinema institution Breitenseer Lichtspiele. Gerhard Gruber, one of the best in his profession, will accompany the films live on the piano.

The Call of the Sea

Original Title

Zew morza


Henryk Szaro


Stefan Kiedrzyński


Maria Malicka, Krystyna Długołęcka, Jerzy Marr


Silent film


Films and Music


Great Britain




Polish with Engl. sub.

Running time

119 min


Sunday 26.03.

18:30 Breitenseer Lichtspiele