Diskussion zu „Gods“


On the 8th of October, the Polish Academy of Siences in Vienna hosts a discussion about the film Gods. Subscription:

Film discription: After a long stay in the USA, a gifted cardiac surgeonreturns to Poland in the 1980s. His  dream is to perform the first successful human heart transplantation in his home country. The preconditions are, unfortunately, quite far from perfect. The visionary has to deal with exhausting bureaucracy and a lot of prejudices. The narrow-minded communist government is as sceptical about the man’s intentions as the superstitious catholic public.  Director Łukasz Palkowski accomplished a dynamic and ingenious drama about the pioneer of transplantation who still gains recognition as national hero today and who was played by the Polish acting star Tomasz Kot.

Diskussion zu „Gods“


Polish Highlights


Thursday 08.10.

18:00 Polnische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Boerhaavegasse 25)