Two children play on the beach. With bow and arrows. When they find a stranded fish, the boundaries between play and earnest dwindle. A tribute to the mysteries of childhood.

The film will be presented within the frame of SHORT FILMS: PLAYFUL together with the following productions:

SLO 2013 | 9 min.
Language: Slovenian w. Engl. ST
Director: Boris Dolenc.
High noon in Slovenia: Two female gunslingers are engaged in a furious duel. An animated mixture of Wild West and traditional Slovenian country life, complete with its politics and gender roles.

The Etude
LTU 2013 | 20 min.
Language: Lithuanian w. Engl. ST
Director: Austėja Urbaitė.
Inspired by the novel “The Etude” by famous Lithuanian writer and director Jonas Mekas, two actors attempt to explore the depths of their souls. A profound filmic poem.

Dove on the roof
KAZ 2013 | 28 min.
Language: Russian w. Engl. ST
Director: Olga Korotko.
“One needs to be in danger when one utters a wish” - little Dove is convinced of that. And thus a dangerous balancing act on the roof seems to be the only way out of a life without perspectives.

CRO 2014 | 10 min.
Language: Croatian w. Engl. ST
This film was made during the International Talent Workshop at the Festival of Tolerance in Zagreb.
Zagreb, at the time of World War II: Despite the choking omnipresence of fascism, life remains a game for six-year-old Klara. But her childlike carefreeness brings her family into serious difficulties.

POL 2013 | 10 min.
Language: Polish w. Engl. ST
Director: Katarzyna Gondek.
In the eyes of a little girl, grandmother looks a lot like a witch. So she decides to spice up the religious old lady’s boring life a little. An absurd fairy tale in fascinating images.

HUN 2013 | 13min.
Directors: Virag Zomboracz, Hanna Horvath-Molnar.
Bubu, the gentle giant, and the beautiful Adela live in a most unequal relationship. While Bubu is giving up on himself to prove his love to Adela, she cheats on him with a very able-bodied stranger.



Giorgi Mrevlishvili


Kurzfilme - Out Of Competition

Country and Year

Georgia 2013


OV with English Subtitles

Running time

6 min.


Monday 06.10.

15:00 Village Cinema 1

Saturday 11.10.

16:00 Actors Studio 1