Sixty-year-old Emilia (Luminita Gheorghiu in her classic role) and her husband Tucu live a calm provincial life in their little flat in a small Romanian town. When their daughter, who emigrated to North America a few years back, suddenly gives them a call to announce her visit together with her fiancé, the parents couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, the euphoria doesn’t last long: as it turns out, the young couple is almost on the brink of bankruptcy and even losing their beloved house. Emilia, who critically eyed the promises and perks of capitalism from the beginning and always preferred communism instead, decides together with Tucu to help her pregnant daughter no matter what. However, things do not get easier when the old lady, who is convinced of the fact that she lived her best years under the dictator Ceaușescu, is supposed to be part of a film project about life in Romania before 1989. Stere Gulea’s comedy based on the bestseller with the same name is highly entertaining while containing tragic elements at the same time. The film is actually not about the romanticisation of communism, as it may look like at first sight, but about the capability of the human mind to repeatedly forget bad memories and only keep the pleasant ones.


Ana Ularu

Ana Ularu

Actress I am an Old Communist Hag

Dan Lungu

Dan Lungu

Author I am an Old Communist Hag

Stere Gulea

Stere Gulea

Director I am an Old Communist Hag

I am an Old Communist Hag

Original Title

Sunt o babă comunistă


Stere Gulea


Stere Gulea, Vera Ion, Lucian Dan Teodorovici


Luminita Gheorghiu, Marian Râlea, Ana Ularu


Comedy, Drama


Highlights Communists

Country and Year

Romania, 2013


Romanian with Engl. ST

Running time

94 min


Wednesday 08.10.

19:15 Village Cinema 1

Thursday 09.10.

18:30 Actors Studio 1

Saturday 11.10.

17:00 Actors Studio 3