HUN 2014 | 4 min.
Language: Hungarian w. Engl. ST.
Director: György Mór Kárpáti.
When the car breaks down close to a little village, a city boy gets the chance to break out of monotony for one day. An atmospherically dense story about deceleration.

Springtime Suns
(Soles de primavera)
SRB 2013 | 23 min.
Language: Serbian w. Engl. ST.
Director: Stefan Ivancic.
The school is over and university has not started yet. A naturalistic story about growing up between summer, sun, boredom, drugs and communist phantasies.

SLO 2013 | 15 min.
Language: Russian w. Engl. ST.
Directors: Blaž Završnik, Jani Sever.
Tadej is seven years old and blind. This documentary follows him to a skiing camp where he blossoms with the help of sports and music. A positive statement on courage, acceptance and the lust for life.
Brother Dog
POL 2014 | 31 min.
Language: Polish w. Engl. ST.
Director: Maria Zbąska.
Twelve-year-old Panabi cannot believe his brother’s foolishness when he falls in love with the beautiful girlfriend of Bocian, the badass of the block. An intelligent coming-of-age story.

4. Kurzfilmblock: Am Wendepunkt


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