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Wojtek Smarzowski’s film about the fight against alcoholism and love as the possibly last way out is based on the book with the same title. Jerzy is a talented writer with a massive drinking problem. He checks into a rehabilitation clinic regularly… only to relapse again each time. When he falls in love with a young woman, he decides to quit drinking for her sake, but he fails again. After another night of drinking at the bar called The Mighty Angel, he ends up in intensive care and finally back at the rehabilitation clinic. As part of the therapy, the patients, including a priest, a truck driver, a pharmacist, a student, a barber and a policeman, write texts about their lives as drinkers, which they then read out to the others. Many of these texts are funny, some of them are touching, and others are outright tragic. This shockingly realistic and at the same time romantic drama, mixed with lots of black humour, is about the tragic fight of an addict against his seemingly unconquerable demons. It is a story of hope, despair and fate itself - but also about resolution, loneliness, and about the love of a woman as the final chance to maybe find back into a normal life after all.

The Mighty Angel

Original Title

Pod Mocnym Aniołem


Wojtek Smarzowski


Wojtek Smarzowski, basierend auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Jerzy Pilch


Robert Więckiewicz, Julia Kijowska, Adam Woronowicz




Romania in Focus

Country and Year

Poland, 2014


Polish, Engl. subtitles

Running time

147 min


Saturday 04.10.

21:15 Village Cinema 1

Sunday 05.10.

17:00 Village Cinema 1