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What chances in the world does a child coming from a family that is haunted by bad luck, tormented by suffering and controlled by violence have? A family that consists of complex members, such as a father who has been in prison before, a grumpy and brutal grandfather, a sickly and weak grandmother and a possessive and difficult uncle. Does Beba, the mother of a child, have the chance of breaking this vicious circle in order to bring up her daughter to be a confident, happy and dearly loved person? The multiple award-winning, exceptional drama, playfully blurring the line between fate and hope, is based on real events. The author and director Lucas Nola searched for hours through the pitiful stories of numerous families in the files of various social institutions, only to find the saddest of all stories eventually. "It just burned itself into my memory and I couldn't get rid of it. Until the movie was shot." The story of this family, undergoing the same circle of interpersonal horror repeatedly from generation to generation without experiencing any kind of love, is carried by a perceptively composed soundtrack that expresses profoundness and hope at the same time. This Croatian film serves as a warning to us and our emotional awareness: do not silence the violence.


Zivko Anocic

Zivko Anocic

Actor Hush


Original Title



Lukas Nola


Lukas Nola


Tihana Lazović, Milan Pleština, Lana Barić, Živko Anočić, Bernard Tomić




Feature Film Competition

Country and Year

Croatia 2013


Croatian, engl. subtitles

Running time

86 min


Tuesday 07.10.

18:00 Urania Kino

Wednesday 08.10.

17:00 Village Cinema 1