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Kuba is a competitive swimmer and currently under a lot of pressure. His mother wants to have her son all to herself and would like his girlfriend Sylwia to move out already. And his coach insists on him pushing himself even further during training sessions. But Kuba is just enjoying life as it comes. Using performance-enhancing drugs and casually having sex with men in the indoor swimming pool’s washing rooms are his little secrets. But when he meets Michal in an art gallery, all of a sudden everything changes. He falls for the attractive student only to come to realise that there seems to be no space for a lover in his life, being caged by an overprotective mother and a suspicious girlfriend. He desperately tries to liberate himself – and eventually goes into hiding.

Tomasz Wasilewski’s visually admirable, open-heartedly told drama, captivating the audience with the actors’ astonishing performances, is an exciting film about the homosexual self-discovery of a young man and the desire for sexual liberty as much as about loneliness and human existence in general. It is about wasted opportunities and lost dreams, about the world and its traps, about love and what it could replace.


Tomasz Wasilewski

Tomasz Wasilewski

Director Floating Skyscrapers

Tomasz Raczek

Tomasz Raczek

Curator Feature Competition
Curator Polish Weekend

Floating Skyscapers

Original Title

Płynące wieżowce


Tomasz Wasilewski


Tomasz Wasilewski


Mateusz Banasiuk, Marta Nieradkiewicz, Bartosz Gelner, Katarzyna Herman, Iza Kuna




Romania in Focus

Country and Year

Poland 2013


Polish with Engl. ST (3.10.) and German ST (4.10.)

Running time

93 min


Friday 03.10.

18:30 Actors Studio 1

Saturday 04.10.

21:00 Actors Studio 1