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Somewhere in the mountains of Transylvania, there is a village named Cugir. There, not far from a weapons factory, the Balkan brass band Fanfara Transilvania, also known as Galans Band or Fanfare Galan, was founded. The band members are all brothers, cousins, godfathers and godchildren, who all inherited their love for their homeland’s traditional music from their fathers and thus preserved their rich cultural heritage. A heritage that they also mix with modern elements very skillfully. The now legendary cult band represents a special type of Romanian folk music, very powerful and stirring music and vocals from Moldova and Transylvania. Their name also stands for finest Balkan Gypsy brass. Entertainment at the highest level is guaranteed. The men of Fanfara Transilvania sport a wide repertoire, accumulated through playing on weddings, funerals and all kinds of events in their home country, when they are not touring through Europe. It is clear that all this will be heard during this last concert in the Ost Klub.

*) Band: Nicolae Galan/flugelhorn, Mihai-Rusalin Galan/trumpet, Constantin Galan/clarinet, Roland Dinca/saxophone and treble, Cristinel Roman/baritone, Marcel Batista/baritone, Marius Dragomir-Alexandru/tuba, Vasile Stoica/tuba, Cornel Lupu/great drum, Vladut Magureanu Vladut/percussion.


Fanfara Transilvania

Fanfara Transilvania

Konzert „The Best Of“ Fanfara Transilvania


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Thursday 09.10.

20:30 Ost Klub